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Many people seek chiropractic care for “bad posture.” But is it their posture that causes their pain and dysfunction, or something else?

Does Posture = Pain?


Much attention has been paid to issues like “text neck,” where people spend too much time looking down at phones or laptops, and a great deal of research has been conducted to determine the relationship between poor posture patterns and back or neck pain.

The conclusion seems to be that there is little connection between posture and pain, meaning that slouchers don’t experience more pain than sit-up-straight-ers. One study even found that students with more upright postures experienced more pain than students who had a more slouched posture.

What Causes the Pain?


If it’s not the positioning of the spine itself that causes pain, what is it? Often our aches and pains can be the result of stress, inactivity and spending too much time in any one position—whether upright or slouched.


When we’re experiencing stress of any kind, we tend to tighten our muscles, and this muscle tension can cause pain, affect the alignment and movement of the joints and even result in mobility issues over time.

How Chiropractic May Help


There’s no evidence that posture alone can change the structure of your spine. If you’re experiencing pain, tension or lack of mobility in your neck or back, you’re not doomed to become a “hunchback!”

At The Chiro Lab , we take a whole-body approach to addressing your symptoms. Our chiropractor, Bentley Woon, will conduct a thorough examination to determine the underlying cause of your pain or other symptoms. Then he’ll customise a care plan to help get you out of pain and allow you to get back to doing the things you love without restrictions.

Our approach to care includes chiropractic adjustments (both hands-on and instrument-assisted, depending on your needs and preferences), soft tissue therapies and exercise rehab programmes to help stretch and strengthen the affected muscles.

Schedule Today


Whether you sit up straight or slouch, we want to help with your neck and back pain! Contact us today to book.

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