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About Dr. Bentley Woon

- B.HSc, B.AppSc (Chiropractic) (Melbourne, Australia)

- Registered member of The Chiropractic Association (Singapore)


Bentley Woon is a Singaporean chiropractor who is passionate about helping people in pain get back to what they love doing most. He was always interested in health and living an active lifestyle.


In researching possible careers, he realized that chiropractic fit with his own personal philosophy, and he loves the holistic, drug-free, non-surgical nature of it.

Education and Training


Bentley pursued his education at RMIT University in Australia for five years, graduating with a double bachelor’s degree in Health Science and Applied Science, with distinction in Chiropractic. Upon completion of his studies, he was eager to return home to Singapore to begin his practice.

He also furthered his training by completing a movement and rehabilitation internship with a holistic, rehab-focused community of chiropractors, movement therapists and researchers called Back to Roots.

Medical Disclaimer: The title 'Dr.’, which may be used on this site refers to Dr. of Chiropractic, and is not a medical or dental qualification.

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Relatable Approach to Care

A lifelong fitness enthusiast, Bentley can relate with our patients with injuries. He has sustained his fair share of problems, including ankle, back and shoulder injuries.


These have made him keenly aware of the emotional toll that physical injury can cause. He understands the depression, worry and anxiety that can arise when your body doesn’t function as you expect it to, and he strives to help you navigate the healing journey with compassion and education.

Bentley offers a holistic approach to helping patients achieve their goals, incorporating chiropractic adjustments (including extremity work), a variety of soft tissue therapies and rehab exercises.


He also offers education about lifestyle issues such as nutrition, sleep and posture to help our The Chiro Lab patients live healthy, full lives. His goal is to optimise your body’s function, allowing you to move without thought or fear of being injured.

Away from the Office


When he’s not at work, Bentley still enjoys staying fit—particularly lifting kettlebells—as well as reading fiction and listening to podcasts about anything that interests him.

Trusted Chiropractor: What Patients Are Saying

"The best chiropractor"

Dr. Bentley is the best Chiropractor I have ever been to. He listened attentively to my problems, and fixed my longstanding knee pain. Other Chiros I have seen in the past have just treated me without giving me too many strengthening exercises.


Dr. Bentley not only focused on treatment in the clinic, but also gave me a detailed home exercise plan and advice. He doesn't book me in for multiple visits, but only ones he deems necessary.


I am grateful to have found such a good Chiro like him. Thanks Dr. Bentley. - TYC

Verified 5-Star Google Review

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"I highly recommend"

I have suffered from neck and lower back pain for years and am very grateful to have found Bentley, as other forms of treatment like TCM and massages never seemed to solve the issues.


From the moment I walked into the chiro lab, I felt welcomed and at ease. The adjustments and the overall experience I received here have been great as the kinks in my back and neck improved significantly after the first few sessions.


I highly recommend Bentley to anyone in need of chiropractic care. - ML

Verified 5-Star Google Review

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