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Dr Bentley using a chiropractic tool on a patientTrigger Point Therapy In Singapore

Trigger points are tight bands in your muscles that can refer pain to other parts of the body. These typically feel like “knots” in the muscles, and can be extremely painful.

At The Chiro Lab , we offer trigger point therapy to help release these tight knots, relieving your pain and helping to restore mobility.


Our ApproachDr Bentley adusting a woman's back

Because trigger points can cause pain in other areas of your body, we will do a thorough exam to locate where the knotted areas are located. These tight areas may cause shooting pain when we push on them. When we have located these knots, we use manual therapies to help relax the tight band within the muscles. When the trigger point releases, the pain resolves and you may be able to move more freely.

Our chiropractor, Bentley Woon, pursued advanced training in movement and rehabilitation and has the expertise to help locate and release these painful bands. Typically, your care will include a customised, comprehensive approach that includes chiropractic adjustments that focus on the mobility and function of the joints, soft tissue therapies including trigger point therapy to address muscular issues, and rehabilitative exercises to keep your muscles and joints moving well.

As with all of our care, your trigger point therapy is tailored to your needs and comfort level. While releasing trigger points can be somewhat painful, we tailor pressure to each patient’s preference. Athletes may receive more aggressive therapy, while seniors can count on gentle therapy that won’t stress their tissues.

Benefits of Therapy

Our goal with our personalised care is to optimise your joint and muscle function through customised care and providing you the tools you need to get back to doing what you enjoy most. Trigger point therapy may reduce your pain and restore proper mobility to the joints and muscles, allowing you to move more freely.

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