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Shoulder Pain

young adult holding shoulder in painThe shoulder is a complex joint made of many overlapping muscles, any of which may contribute to pain. Symptoms could be due to an issue in the shoulder joint itself, or somewhere in the back or neck.

If you’re in pain, chiropractor Bentley Woon will start with a careful exam to determine your specific needs and design a customised plan of care for you.

Natural Care You Can Count on

Our care can help relieve and prevent shoulder discomfort by addressing the underlying cause. Adjustments improve the alignment of the spine and reduce tension in nearby muscles and tendons.

At The Chiro Lab , we take a holistic approach by combining adjustments with soft tissue therapy, stretches, and exercises. Our goal is to help improve flexibility, reduce inflammation, and strengthen surrounding muscles. We’ll also give you personalised lifestyle advice, like tips for proper posture and ergonomics, to lower your risk of future injury and keep pain from coming back.

Symptoms You May Experience

Discomfort can look differently for each individual, from a dull ache to intense pain that may stay in the shoulder and upper arm or radiate down one arm. You may also experience stiffness, weakness, or difficulty moving your arm. Symptoms could be acute (sudden onset) or chronic (ongoing).

Conditions We See

We have experience caring for a wide variety of shoulder conditions, including:

Bursitis or tendinitis – This happens when the tendons become inflamed, causing pain.

Frozen shoulder – This condition causes stiffness, making it difficult to move.

Osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis – We’ve helped many patients with arthritis reduce their experience of pain and enjoy better life functioning.

Rotator cuff injuries – If you’ve had an injury, a tear or strain of the muscles and tendons that stabilise the joint could cause pain.

Shoulder impingement syndrome – This condition causes irritated tendons and can affect your ease of movement.

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