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Sports Chiropractic In Singapore

At The Chiro Lab , we are passionate about providing care for athletes, fitness enthusiasts and people who strive to maintain an active lifestyle. The major sports our patients take part in are rock climbing, bouldering, badminton, running, and weightlifting, but we can care for athletes who participate in any sport and at any level.

As someone who has pursued fitness his whole life, chiropractor Bentley Woon understands the special stresses active people subject their bodies to, and he empathises with the frustrations of being sidelined due to injury.

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Our In-Depth Approach

Oftentimes, the injury that brings you to our office is actually the culmination of a multitude of injuries or overuse that have finally caused enough stress that your body can no longer adapt. We want to get to the bottom of the problem, so Dr Bentley takes the time to go over your entire health history, asking about any previous injuries, even if they may not seem related. This helps him design a custom care plan to address the underlying cause of the problem

Even if the injury is acute and not caused by previous wear and tear, Bentley will still ask about your training regimen and lifestyle so can optimise how you use your joints.

In addition to spinal adjustments, we offer extremity adjustments which can help with injuries in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles. We also offer soft tissue therapies and rehab exercises, to give you the comprehensive approach needed to achieve your desired results.

Benefits of Care

Our holistic, natural, drug-free and non-invasive care offers a number of benefits that drugs and surgery typically can’t provide. These include:

  • Natural pain relief
  • Faster healing
  • Better control of your muscles and joints
  • Increased range of motion
  • Improved performance
  • Freer and better movement


Will regular adjustments prevent sports injuries?

Yes, regular adjustments keep all our joints mobile and help us move better. Regular adjustments keep all our joints mobile and help us move better. This may help prevent injuries due to overuse of certain joints or poor mobility.

When should an athlete come in for care?

Athletes should come in for care when they feel niggles, such as muscle knots, tightness and joint stiffness. Monthly adjustments are recommended as part of a preventative approach to stay on top of things!

What is the difference between spinal adjustments and extremity adjustments?

They are very similar. Joint adjustments help improve mobility and get stiff or stuck joints functioning normally. Spinal adjustments help the inter-segmental joints of the spine move better, and prevent overloading certain parts of the spine. This helps keep our nerves healthy and muscles firing properly.

Extremity adjustments are applied to the limbs, such as shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, hips and ankles, and are especially great for those who participate in sports, as well as the elderly. Extremity adjustments mobilise and stretch our joints and the surrounding receptors to prevent joint stiffening. This may help delay the onset of osteoarthritis and keep our load bearing joints moving healthily.

Can patients participate in sports/exercise after an adjustment?

Definitely! Chiropractic care is supposed to add to your life, not subtract from it. As long as you feel up to it, it is perfectly safe to engage in any activity after a chiropractic session. In fact, getting adjusted before your sports/exercise session may even improve your performance!

Getting You Back in the Game

Whatever your athletic endeavour involves, we want to help you get back to doing it without restriction and without fear. Injury can cause people to feel depressed and anxious about being unable to move as they used to, and fearful about being re-injured. Bentley understands these concerns and will help guide you through the process of regaining optimal mobility so you can move without fear.

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