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sitting at table with headacheHeadaches cause so much more than pain. They can also limit your productivity, alter your mood, reduce time spent with family and friends, and affect your quality of life. At The Chiro Lab , we love watching our patients finally relax and start dreaming of a life without limits.

Common Symptoms

Depending on your condition, you may feel pain or pressure in the head, face, scalp, or neck. The pain could be sharp, dull, throbbing, or pulsing, and may last a few hours up to several days. For some patients, pain is constant, while for others, it comes and goes.

You may also have tension or tightness in the neck, scalp, or shoulders, sensitivity to light or sound, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, or lightheadedness.

Addressing the Root Cause of Pain

During your first appointment, chiropractor Bentley Woon will perform a thorough assessment to determine what kind of headache you’re experiencing. Common types of headaches include:

Cervicogenic headaches – These headaches are caused by tight muscles and restricted joints in your neck.

Cluster headaches – Irritated nerves in the face or head are typically the root cause of this condition.

Migraines – Changes in brain activity or blood flow cause migraines. Triggers include dehydration, lack of sleep, stress, sensitivity to light or sound, weather changes, or food intolerances.

Sinus headaches – These can hit hard when your sinuses are congested or inflamed.

Tension headaches – Stress and general muscle tension throughout the body can lead to significant pain.

Our Approach to Care

Through neck and upper back adjustments, we help improve your range of motion and posture, while reducing muscle tension and stress. We may recommend soft tissue therapy, stretches, and exercises to increase flexibility and prevent future episodes.

We’ll also talk with you about any habits you may need to change. Correcting your posture and learning to manage stress will help you feel your best long term.

Get Your Life Back Today

Who knows what you’re capable of when you’re not in pain? Schedule an appointment today!

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