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Fees and Packages at The Chiro Lab

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Standard Chiropractic Session – Follow Up Visits $100

Follow up regular visit take about 20 minutes as part of your plan of action, recommendation of care or maintenance visit. Can include the following:

  • Spinal Chiropractic Adjustment
  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Posture Rehab/Re-education
  • Mobility and strength education

Chiropractic Care Packages:

3 Standard Chiropractic Sessions

Start your health journey with a package of 3 Standard Chiropractic Sessions.

$285 ($95/session)

6 Standard Chiropractic Sessions

Commit to your own health with a package of 6 Standard Chiropractic Sessions.

$540 ($90/session)

12 Standard Chiropractic Sessions

Stay accountable on your health journey with a package of 12 Standard Chiropractic Sessions.

$1020 ($85/session)

T&C’s Apply. *All Package Care are Valid for 12 Months from the date the care plan purchased.


Do you treat patients who are under 18 years old?

Abselutely, patients under 18 years must be accompanied by a guardian.

What is a Package?

A package is a pre-purchase of a set number of sessions that allow for convenience, a streamlined visit and an increase in value for a commitment to your own health. Other than making life easier, it helps in holding you accountable on your own health journey.

Do I need to buy a package?

No. Of course you do not. It is merely an option to make the process of coming in and out of the clinic more convenient and to save you money to reward you for you commitment to your health.

How long is the first visit – the New Patient Exam?

The New Patient Visit takes up to 1 hour. Regular visits are much more time efficient.
How long is a regular session?

The average visit time is about 20 minutes. Some may be longer depending on the case. Some clients have been part of the chiropractic lifestyle for a long time and only wish to get adjusted. There are those would get adjusted but value their own time and can be done within 10 minutes.

Can I share a plan with my family?

Discuss with us in the clinic about the method for this.

What Payment methods do you accept?

Payment Modes: PayNow, PayLah, Visa, Master (No credit Terms).

Do you treat patients who are under 18 years old?

Absolutely, patients under 18 years must be accompanied by a guardian.

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